Arriving in Prague, Czech Republic – feat. Prague Castle and Hotel NH Prague funicular! – Prague Video

published: 2019-05-07 23:24:12

Ahoi! Welcome to the Czech Republic!
In this episode, I travel by coach from Vienna, Austria to the great city of Prague in the Czech Republic!
Praha, as Prague is known in the local Czech language, is about a 6 hour bus ride from Vienna.
But first we stop at the Excalibur (Not the one in Vegas) restaurant and store, just across the border from Austria.
Then we arrive at Hotel NH Prague, a beautiful first class hotel in the Andel area of Prague. The Hotel NH Prague is known also for it’s wonderful funicular which goes up to a fancy restaurant at the top of a hill. I ride this funicular and show you incredible views of the city of Prague below!
Afterwards, I walk around the area of the hotel, just as I do whenever I get to a new hotel in a new city.
Then finally, we visit the famous Prague Castle, a place dating back all the way to the 9th century! It is also where the office of the President of Prague is located.

Watch the original Prague Video here

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  1. mabuti naman safe ka, kasi aggressive ang mga babae dyan, baka pagsamantalahan ka dyan, liked.

  2. that so cool, Kuya! they should build something similar for Baquio… or at least for Smokey Mountain… hehehehe..

  3. That's a very funny shaped sausage! I can hear a recording by Hevia, a gaita player in the background at 1:00 I have that on CD!

  4. Wow – that was quite a lengthy bus trip.

  5. Wow – that furnicular was awesome! I loved it!

  6. The Prague roads look very quiet of traffic. Are you on a “Package Tour” ?

  7. i mean it the best way but you are so damn cool for your age 😀 you know, you dont see that here really. our parents grew up in coumunism (i am 19). so you know honestly a lot of them arent like to the technologies much. Greeting from czech rep. 🙂


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