mTw CS:GO TV – myDGB at AMD Sapphire Invitational Prague – Prague Video

Enjoyed watching this? Join the penguins: Any concerns please via facebook: – myDGB’s fraghighlights from the MindSports Festival over in Prague! GuardiaN still able to compete at the top end of the scene… 😉 big ups; Enjoy! Connect to mTw: Cast by MUSIC BY Music Supplied by Monstercat: Artist Name: Feint Video Link: Album Download Link: Channel:

13 Responses to “mTw CS:GO TV – myDGB at AMD Sapphire Invitational Prague – Prague Video”

  1. TheDubstepLuke says:

    This is our Czech and Slovak players

    Greeting from Slovakia :]

  2. MrA16R says:

    They changed the player models for de_nuke ?

  3. mouziiiie says:

    Thank you Mrtweeday ! 🙂

  4. LukazZz800 says:

    Guardian <3

  5. Jeppe Jørgensen says:

    Can you please tell me how you get those crosshair closed, i’ve tried anything but the real command which you clearly possess. TELL ME PWEASE 🙂 <3

  6. ShaDown1k says:

    Amazing,GuardiaN awp made my day

  7. slizak74 says:

    Slovakia!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  8. Alexandre phantazy says:

    Thanks Kevin !

  9. 04vachi09 says:

    SLOVAKIA !! ♥

  10. AI27shadowTEA says:

    thumbs up!

  11. fqzmusic says:

    but they aren’t serbian so its k

  12. Mrtweeday says:

    its already up

  13. Mrtweeday says:

    90 3 3 -2


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