So I’m getting married in Prague – [Prague, Czech Republic] – Prague Video

Yes it is going to happen. Read more at: Cool PPL in the video SundayFundayz: Follow Me: Twitter- Facebook – Tumblr – Google + – https Stumbleupon – Flickr- Youtube – Learn more about my Contiki trip at :
Video Rating: 4 / 5

19 Responses to “So I’m getting married in Prague – [Prague, Czech Republic] – Prague Video”

  1. 27adelinutza says:

    Hahah, I’ve also stopped at that strange place with dragons.

  2. liquidsword29 says:

    not everyone is as poor as you guys!

  3. godlygamer911 says:

    she comes off as a spoiled child

  4. bananen12 says:

    didnt shane and nadine used to have a thing? like werent they an item before? or am i just out of my mind?

  5. ODIEmoomoo says:

    I’m half Czech and I was looking for my family the whole time 😛 But obviously I didn’t find them.

  6. tuxedo214 says:

    maaaad props to the dude who went “zooom” at 4:12

  7. tacocateyes says:

    were do u get all this money to go places

  8. KakashiKyle9 says:

    oh my goshhh come to pei D:

  9. narcisalup19 says:

    it’s pretty nice there.

  10. macsnafu says:

    The hammered dulcimar is an interesting musical instrument…

  11. macsnafu says:

    Mission Impossible at 4:20.

  12. jimmymac63 says:

    No, unfortunately most of my travels were on Europe main land, Cliffs of Dover to London. I hope to get back there someday 🙂

  13. Patate822 says:

    Really? I know single woman that will never be available to anyone ever.

  14. 1028Merlion says:

    Love the folksy dance at the end of it, a dance befitting a joyous occasion, Thumbs Up! by the way, i hope u haven’t lost your faith in American guys…well, we can’t be that bad in matters of the heart, right?

  15. xShaaMetalheadX says:

    My parents took their wedding pictures at a castle in Ohio and they were absolutely gorgeous.

  16. JAMMYbeast says:

    It’s really great that you’re recording your travelling. It’ll be good to look back on in the future. Stay safe on the trip!

  17. wassupMannn says:

    As a Prague guy I would definitely marry with Canadian chick(en) like you. haha

  18. yaggle52 says:

    When she isn’t, it’s going to be a disturbance in the force similar to when Alderaan blew up.

  19. SumDuud says:

    work hard and maybe you can have nice things one day. 🙂


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